Mar 3, 2009

Attributes of a virtuous woman: The desire of all men and goal of every Christian lady.

It is my earnest prayer that everyone that reads this piece shall partake of the blessing of a virtuous woman either as an individual or in someone else’s life in Jesus name, amen.

The benefits of a virtuous woman are immense with resounding effect on many generations and could be for eternity as is in the case of the only woman ever referred to by name as a virtuous woman in the bible-Ruth. She was the grandmother of King David of Israel and the throne of David by covenant is everlasting and this was fulfilled in the Lord Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.

I perceive that every born again female child of God desires to be a virtuous woman while every male desires a virtuous woman for a wife. To the glory of God the wherewithal is imbedded in every believer, for the attributes of a virtuous woman are built on love that has already been shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. (Romans 5:5)

It is written that “without faith it is impossible to please God”. (Hebrews 11:6) and that “faith worketh by love”. (Galatians 5:6) That means faith is impotent without love, meaning love is the life line of faith. It is so clear that the woman in the book of Proverbs pleased God so much so that she is being referred to as virtuous; this is the desire of God for His daughters in their marital life. These attributes of a virtuous woman are priceless in the lives of believing single ladies knowing that every married woman was first a single lady.

Let us examine some of these attributes as documented in Proverbs 31:10-31:

1. A virtuous woman is of impeccable moral character and she is a gem of inestimable value to her husband, children and the community at large.
2. She is trustworthy, scrupulous, and honest that her husband’s heart trusts absolutely in her. Meaning that she is inherently good and true to the hilt.
3. She is ingenious, versatile, thrifty and dutiful. She does not eat the bread of idleness; she is resourceful, skilful and diligent in business.
4. She is benevolent, generous and mindful of others’ welfare, she is simply a bundle of joy to know and acquaint with. Her love and care for the welfare of the less privileged is obvious for all to see and testify to.
5. She is fearless and bold like a lioness for she is always well prepared for any eventualities that come her way. She prepares ahead of time for her household’s upkeep for all weathers. “……………, but the righteous is bold as a lion” Proverbs 28:1
6. She is a clever decorator and her attires befit the royalty that she is in Jesus Christ. She furnishes her abode with quality tapestry befitting a palace with uncompromising taste in finesse.
7. Her husband is well respected among the elders and dignitaries because of the popularity and decorum of the virtuous woman. A wise man says, “The finesse of the wife makes the husband shine” very true indeed.
8. She is industrious, exploiting all avenue of commerce thus prosperous. She is honorable and dependable because of her honesty, and confidence in the faithfulness of her God. She is wise and discreet in counsel, exhibiting the abundance of the grace of God upon her life for all to see, enjoy and emulate. A woman of impeccable integrity.
9. She is an epitome of kindness and prudence, and channels inexhaustible energy towards caring for her household.
10. She is an ideal wife and mother whose husband and children honors and rejoices in, constantly commending her for her love, care and excellent virtue.
11. Her fear of God is evident in her humility; her successes are a reflection of the favor of God upon her life. Her life is a reference point for prayer point because her dedication to God has resulted in the favor and blessing of God upon her life. She is obviously fruitful in every areas of life for the Lord has blessed her and made her a blessing.
12. She is honored in public for her diligence speaks on her behalf and the hand of God upon her is undeniable. Prosperity, joy, peace and favor are synonymous with her and her household.

The above-enumerated attributes of a virtuous woman distinguishes her from every other woman and are inherently innate in every born again woman. To be a virtuous woman therefore, all that is needed is to stir up the gifts of God that you are already equipped with by the divine providence of God-the greater one that lives in you by the Holy Spirit.

Beloved, these virtues are every husband’s desire for their wives and the desire of every bachelor in his future wife. God knowing that He has infused these characteristics in His children requires that no child of His be unequally yoked with unbelievers because He that created man knows what a man desires and the only specie of human that possesses such attributes are the blood washed children of God.

Since the fall of Adam and Eve in Eden and the sin nature invaded the composition of the human constitution, it became impossible without the grace of God for humans to exhibit their original nature that was corrupted by sin. But blessed be the name of the Lord for the restoration of the original godly nature in humans before the fall, through the acceptance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.

Again it is my prayer that every lady (married or unmarried) that reads this piece henceforth shall start manifesting and demonstrating the attributes of a virtuous woman. If you have been exhibiting it already, it shall rise to a higher level in Jesus name and your husband shall call you blessed and a blessing in Jesus name, amen.

May your husband have the following testimonies and mindset about you:

• Having absolute confidence in your faithfulness and honesty
• Trusting your judgment and God given wisdom
• Reposing confidence in your managerial ability both at the home front and the business circle
• Reckoning that you are a crown of glory upon his head that has brought him to prominence and recognition by the virtue of the grace of God in your life.
• Finally, knowing you to be a woman who knows how to make the fullest and richest expression of her womanhood; a woman who succeeds as a woman.

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